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Cheesecakes for Fundraising

If your organization is searching for an easy and delicious way to raise money. The New York Cheesecake Company is your Fundraising solution with a Free On-Line Fundraising Web Store..

What's the Difference between Us and most other Fundraisers:


All we do are Cheesecakes, not cookies, not pies, not pickles, not candles.


YOUR fundraiser can earn a PROFIT of 25% to 50% or more, depending on the selling price you set, what size cheesecakes you want to offer, and where-how they are delivered.

Your starting base cost for a standard 2 lb. fundraising cheesecake with single flavors IS $19.95 EACH including FREE BULK SHIPPING to One Location; how much do you want to make?  Well that's up to you, if you sell cheesecakes for $24.95 each that's a 25% profit, sell for $29.95 then its 50% and so on. It's completely up to you to set the pricing.

The most popular and least expensive way to receive your cheesecakes is using our FREE Bulk Rate shipping option, which will allow us to ship 24 cheesecakes per case.  We ship to one location, You receive and keep ALL the Cheesecakes FROZEN until Hand-Out, then arrange a distribution Date, Time and Location with your group.  Yes, you can refrigerate the cheesecakes, but only if you are distributing them within 24 hours of receipt.

If you cannot handle receipt and refrigeration of a large amount of frozen cheesecakes, then we can Ship Directly to Customers, at checkout Customers will be charged an extra $9.98 for Shipping one cheesecake, additional cheesecakes will cost $5.00 each.  Shipping Cheesecake is not like shipping cookies.  Cheesecakes are shipped frozen, just like ice cream, with custom packaging to stay really cold for up to 80 Hours.


Well, that is up to you.  We offer more than 33 Flavors on our website, but for Fundraisers we strongly recommend you follow the KISS PRINCIPLE.  Try to keep your selection to around 4 to 6 flavors, all standard SINGLE flavor cheesecakes such as:

NY Plain; Berry-Berrie; Oreo; Chocolate; Banana; Lemon; Key Lime; Espresso, Mint, Pumpkin, Blueberry, Peach, Mango, Funfetti, Carrot, Apple and perhaps one Gluten Free Option and don't forget to include Bitty-Bites.  Gluten-free cheesecakes increase your base cost by $8.00.

Yes, your site can also be setup to take direct donations from $5 to $100 in addition to offering cheesecakes.


Organizations, Groups and Teams need stuff, but no one wants the headaches of gathering orders or collecting money. All you have to do is work with us to select your products, spend a few minutes setting up your organization and contact information - and you're done! Our system does the rest...

The New York Cheesecake Company will provide your group with a customized website at our fundraising site CheesecakeFundraising.com, complete with your organization’s name, logo, or mascot, and even a special message pertinent to your fund-raiser, basically a promotional blurb. You will receive a link to your store. Then all you have to do is promote the link. Do Not Rely Solely on Social Media, make sure you Pass Out Flyers especially at Public Locations like Supermarkets, use word of mouth and most importantly use E-Mail Blitz campaigns and of yes Social Media.

The on-line store will be available 24 hours a day and will show which types of cheesecakes you have to offer. Your group members can then begin selling cheesecakes to family, friends, and other supporters.

WE collect all the money using Secure SSL on-line credit card processing. THERE ARE NO ORDER FORMS!  Your profit margin is established upfront before you start selling. The margin you designate will be collected and issued back to you or your organization after the fundraiser is completed.  We even can track sales by Student or Member!

WE process all orders! This is a complete fulfillment service, you do not do anything to process an order!

WE need 3 weeks to process and ship your order once the online store closes.  Allow an extra week on your end for distribution. 

Your order will include a report emailed to you of all items organized by individual. Its up to you to designate how you want to handle distribution from there. ALL shipping is done with complete order tracking and delivery confirmation.

If your organization is Tax Exempt,  your certificate must be on file before the store opens.  Your organization tax information must be on file before any profit distribution is made.

Want to see a REAL Fundraising site Live:



  • Yes, you can have shipments sent directly to customers in a fundraiser.

    Larry on

  • Hello! Can we just have the cheesecake directly shipped to the customer without any option to ship to the school?

    Ashli Huntsman on

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