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Ordering Questions

ABSOLUTELY NOT! All of our Cheesecakes are Baked Fresh in our Commercial Bakery in Pittsburgh.

Would you like a Tour? All you have to do is ask, we love showing off our State-of-the-Art and CLEAN Bakery Facility.

For Local Pick-Up, we can have a cheesecake freshly baked for pick-up in as little as 24 hours.

We bake Cheesecakes 7 days a week. It takes a minimum of 2 Days after you place your order for a Freshly Baked Cheesecake to be ready to SHIP; PLUS 1-3 Days for Shipping depending on your address. So a minimum of 4-5 Business Days.

During Checkout you will be given the option of selecting a Preferable Delivery Date. Its best to select a delivery date as close to when you need the Cheesecake in order to maximize freshness!

If you have an event with a large order, please call us first to confirm scheduling and production time. Yes, you can pre-order for an event up to 90 days in advance.

Yes, we can do almost anything, all you have to do is ask. 412-652-7791 Custom sizes, custom flavors, custom toppings!

Keep in mind we are Nut Free Bakery, so nothing with nuts.

Yes, they can be ordered online through our website. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash. Gift cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. click here to order gift cards

Yes, we offer Personalized Message
Cards attached to the box, this option are available during checkout.

Due to temperature of Cheesecakes we cannot add decorator writing to the surface since it will not stick properly.

Due to the nature of our shipping and packaging, we cannot offer Gift Wrapping.

Yes, we work with restaurants, caterers, event planners and corporate accounts. Give us a call or send an email for more information. Discounts are based on your overall order volume.

Yes, all of Our Products are Kosher Dairy. Kosher K כָּשֵׁר Dairy!

Yes! Actually ALL of our Cheesecake Batter is made 100% Gluten Free! Its the crust, added cookies or brownies which contains Gluten. So your Gluten Free Cheesecake flavor options are ginormous...

OPTION 1: Our Bitty Bites have no crust, they are just pure baked cheesecake enrobed in Dark Chocolate. So Gluten Free!

OPTION 2: Oooooh a traditional graham cracker crust you say? Well almost, no whole wheat graham flour, instead a gluten free flour blend, cinnamon, sugar, molasses, various sugars including honey and some other yummy stuff. We offer both Gluten Graham Cracker Style and Gluten Free Oreo Cookie Style crusts, all made in-house.


OPTION 3: You can always request a custom made cheesecake with no crust.

*Note: Our Cheesecake, Flavors and Chocolate coatings contain no gluten.  These ARE MADE in a facility that also processes dairy, egg, and WHEAT.  Anything labeled as "Gluten Free" is NOT strictly Celiac safe!  Baking pans, work surfaces, tools and equipment used to produce these items also come into contact with products containing gluten.

Payment Questions

We accept all primary credit cards and a variety of electronic payment services; all of the payment processing icons are shown on the bottom of our webpage. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more...

If you entered your email information correctly, a payment receipt will be sent immediately upon completion of checkout. If you do not receive a receipt within 24 hours, call us. We may have your order, but there may have been an error with your email address. We can correct that immediately and get you a receipt promptly.

Shipping Questions

Yes, we offer a limited inventory of FRESH MADE DAILY Cheesecakes in some of the most popular flavors and sizes, available for same day LOCAL Pick-Up, please call for availability.

If you require shipping outside of our Local Region or want to use our standard ordering system to customize your order, while our Cheesecake is made to order, quality takes time, so unfortunately, we can't make AND ship Cheesecake the same day. There is not enough time to bake, cool and prepare a cheesecake for shipping, at a minimum it takes 3 Days.

We Offer FLAT RATE 2-Day UPS or FEDEX SHIPPING across the Contiguous United States for $9.98 for the First item in your cart. Want to order more than one cheesecake, then each extra item added to the cart is only $5.00 each. Up to 5 items! If you need a larger order, then call or e-mail us so we can quote you a Bulk Rate for larger orders.

Local Pick-Up at our Bakery Location in Robinson Township is FREE 7 Days a week.

Orders are shipped UPS or Fed-Ex anywhere in the Contiguous United States! For proper Food Safety and to maintain freshness, all orders MUST BE shipped frozen. We shrink wrap the cheesecake in food safe film. The cheesecakes are then placed into an insulated cardboard shipping container with Dry-Ice, High-Tech Refrigerant and Gel Packs.

The package is wrapped and sealed to maintain freshness. By the time you receive your order, the Dry Ice will have evaporated, the Ice Brix may be partially chilled. But, as long as the cheesecake is still cold and/or partially frozen, place it into the freezer immediately. DO NOT allow a delivered cheesecake package to sit outside in warm temperatures for any extended period.

If you are shipping cheesecakes to destinations experiencing high daytime temperatures, we recommend that you have someone present to accept delivery immediately upon arrival.

You will receive detailed tracking information once your order ships. Please follow the tracking so you can be present for delivery!

We use High-Tech Eco-Friendly Foam Refrigerant Cold Brix. These cold packs are safe and non-toxic, and great for packing with cold foods. Plus, they are safer and last longer than regular ice so you can keep using these yourself, long after your Cheesecake has been devoured to keep food at safe temperatures in a variety of situations.

Save and Re-Freeze these Cold packs for at least 72 Hours, when frozen these will keep items Cold for up to 24 Hours or more. Use it for Shipping, Lunches, Coolers, Camping or Tailgating.

We offer Local Delivery 5 Days a week, not including Holidays. We ship 4 days a week, not including holidays. We use UPS and Federal Express shipping to maintain freshness.

To make sure, that your product arrives prior to any weekend, we ship Monday thru Wednesday for most locations. We ship on Thursday if your address is within a 1-day UPS ground ship zone from our facility.

Our 1 Day UPS Ground Ship Zone includes all of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Western New York, Northern Virginia, Northern West Virginia, and Southern New Jersey below Trenton.

We can only accept orders for valid home or business delivery addresses within the United States. Sorry, no Post Office Boxes. We are unable to ship to APO or FPO military addresses.

Yes, if you are in our Local Region, we will have our in-house delivery Staff hand deliver your order. Sorry for standard Shipping, it is not possible for delivery to be made on any Monday since the order would be in transit too long to maintain Freshness and Food Safety.

It is possible for a Tuesday Delivery, but only if your delivery zip code is within our 1 Day UPS Ground Delivery Zone. Our 1 Day UPS Ground Ship Zone includes all of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Western New York, Northern Virginia, Northern West Virginia, and Southern New Jersey below Trenton.

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to international addresses, or US territories. When dealing with fresh cheesecakes which have been frozen for shipping, there is no way to assure safety and freshness of the food product since shipping times are not guaranteed. Many countries do not allow shipping of food products. We can only accept orders for valid home or business delivery addresses within the United States.

Yes, if you are in the Pittsburgh area, we can arrange for you to pick up your order 7 Days a week. Just let us know in advance.

Refrigeration and Serving

Cheesecakes should be refrigerated immediately upon delivery. Defrosted cheesecake will last for 7-10 days if it is kept below 41 degrees F.

Cheesecakes may be kept frozen for up to 6 months. If you choose to eat a frozen Cheesecake, we recommend first removing it from the freezer and leave it to thaw overnight in the refrigerator. DO NOT leave a WHOLE Cheesecake on the counter at room temperature or in any other temperature environment above 41 degrees F to thaw.

If you have leftover Cheesecake after cutting, we recommend using a thin piece of wax or parchment paper and cover the exposed cut face. This will prevent the Cheesecake from drying out. If you have leftover Cheesecake and want to freeze the remainder. We suggest cutting the balance into usable portions or slices. First wrap each individual slice with thin wax paper, then wrap that entirely with thin foil. Then place each into the freezer. You can defrost individual frozen slices easily, by removing from the freezer, completely unwrapping, and letting the cheesecake sit at room temperature for 30-45 minutes.

DO NOT attempt to cut a Frozen Cheesecake!! It must be properly thawed first.

There are several ways to cut a cheesecake. The most common is to use a straight metal blade knife at least 6 inches long. Warm the blade in hot water for 15 seconds, then make one cut. Clean the blade, then re-heat and repeat. You will find that the container of warm water will lose temperature quickly and the water will get very messy. So, we suggest cleaning and re-filling the container frequently.

Another method is to heat a metal knife blade gently for 10 seconds using a gas cook top on low. This will make the blade extremely hot to the touch, but it will make a perfect cut. Clean the blade with hot water to remove any debris, dry the blade thoroughly, then re-heat and repeat. DO NOT re-heat a dirty blade, any residue will get baked-on or burned which will ruin the Cheesecake!

General Information

Call us during regular business hours: 412-652-7791

Email us at: TheNewYorkCheesecakeCompany@gmail.com

Absolutely Yes, Church groups, school groups, teams, cheerleaders, and many other groups sell our cheesecakes to raise funds for their organization. Your organization can earn a healthy profit by selling our cheesecakes, and we will ship the cheesecakes directly to you with a complete report of who gets what.

more information on fundraising

Our ordering process is a secured electronic transaction designed to protect your vital information. Any information that you give to The New York Cheesecake Company through this site is kept within our company. We do not sell or distribute that information to anyone. The information is solely used internally to help understand our customers, reply to comments. suggestions or concerns, and to better direct our own promotions. Your privacy is important to us.