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Taste Tested

The New York Cheesecake Company is a family owned and operated business offering a wide assortment of cheesecake varieties ordered online and shipped to virtually any home or business in the Contiguous United States. Our Cheesecake has been taste tested and proven to be more decadent and superior to any other product on the market.

Our recipe was first developed over 15 years ago.  Every party, BBQ, family function, High School reunion was a venue for people to try this cheesecake.  And the response every time was "Oh My God", "Wow", "This is Amazing"

The real test came when friends from New York and New Jersey insisted that they do their own group taste test.  They insisted in advance that the "Best" Cheesecake came from Brooklyn or the Bronx.  So following a wedding in New Jersey, we invited a large group of cheesecake fanatics to a blind tasting party and all it took was one bite!  Imagine their complete disbelief when they learned they had been wrong for years.

Our cheesecake was unanimously declared "The Best they had ever had!" 

Our Unique Family Recipe offers the quintessential iconic flavor and texture of Old School Classic New York Cheesecake served by Legendary New York Deli's and Restaurants from the 1900's. Classic New York Cheesecake has been favored by Movie and Broadway Stars of yore, now is your opportunity to indulge.

What Makes Us Better?

This is REAL Old School New York Cheesecake, using Old Fashioned Cream Cheese, more Eggs for richness, more Sugar for sweetness, more Heavy Cream for smooth blending. all prepared in a Nut Free ServSafe™ Certified Facility.

It's not just a Recipe, but a Proprietary Process.

Unlike Factory or Brooklyn Cheesecake made with skim milk cheese fillers, preservatives, artificial color, artificial flavoring and animal gelatin, batch dumped, and batch mixed, WE spend more time and take great care to ensure our All Natural and Fresh ingredients are added slowly at the right moment.

Carefully blending and gently mixing ingredients achieves proper incorporation and emulsification. Patience makes a noticeable difference, producing a cheesecake which is smoother and creamier with better taste and texture!


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