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  • Shortbread Millionaire Cheesecake
  • Shortbread Millionaire Cheesecake

Shortbread Millionaire Cheesecake

Your Royal Majesty may we present the Queens Royal Shortbread Cheesecake.  Yes, we combined a traditional soft and buttery cookie served with afternoon tea and well did what we Colonists always do.  We Capitalized on it!  Presenting Royal Shortbread Millionaire Cheesecake.  This will take your afternoon tea to glorious new heights.  Of course we start with a thick layer of Royal Scottish melt in your mouth Shortbread baked with Irish Butter as the Crust, a extra thick layer of fresh made Caramel, a layer of Vanilla Cheesecake smothered with Chocolate Ganache and dusted with gold sugar.

All Products are Kosher K כָּשֵׁר Dairy!
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